Energy Management

Total Energy Management

  • Building Energy Control
  • Remote Monitoring & Targeting
  • Energy Surveys
  • 24/7 Alarm Bureau
  • Remote Site Management
  • Interactive Energy Dashboards

The Corporate Cost of  Carbon

Despite the burden of carbon offsets, now widely recognised as a stealth tax, energy management is an area where cost savings are genuinely achievable and sustainable with a structured approach supported by the latest technology.

The Importance of Integration

But the management of energy is a massive task simply by the nature of the complexity of the systems requiring integration and their inter-dependencies.  As such, bringing in external expertise with specialist skills and a proven track record is the best route to gain full benefit from an integrated and sustainable energy management system.

End-to-End Energy Management

Next Control Systems has been successfully installing building energy management for over 20 years for an enviable base of valued blue-chip clients.  This is because we the only energy specialists in the unique position of being able to offer our customers a totally integrated, end-to-end energy management solution including consultancy, design, installation, maintenance, real-time energy monitoring, alarming and web-hosted data.

Web-Based, Future-Proof

The Next energy management solution was developed using web-based technology as we recognised that this brings significant strategic benefits to our customers.  Totally future-proof, universally deployable through standard Ethernet, web technology also offers genuine remote access – crucial to sustainable carbon reduction and cost savings.

Reconfigure for Carbon – Untapped ROI

The bottom line is that Next Energy Management creates added value by leveraging the existing investment in plant and services. By utilising existing plant, reconfigured and targeted for efficiency, minimal new CAPEX is required, so return on investment is impressive and rapid.

Act before Cost Incurred

The Next service includes a 24/7 fully manned call centre in the UK.  Any deviation tracked by installed smart meters is alarmed by our trained operators to a pre-agreed response procedure to ensure that corrective action can be taken on site immediately, to deliver sustainable savings and reduced carbon footprint year-on-year.

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