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Temperature Monitoring

  • Eliminate Compliance Risk
  • Release Valuable Resources
  • Protect Invaluable Assets
  • Deliver Return on Investment

Medical monitoring guidelines are increasingly robust and, with each clinical discipline being subject to its own regulatory framework, any medical department needs to be able to deliver better services against a backdrop of cost efficiency needs and growing compliance demands.

Temperature monitoring protocols must deliver full compliance spanning all clinical disciplines whether Blood Plasma & Tissue, Hospitals & Healthcare, Biotech & Life Sciences, Pharmacy, Medical Laboratories and Medical Research.

A comprehensive regimen of medical temperature monitoring and accurate record-keeping is the cornerstone of the compliance strategy for every medical facility to remain fully compliant with all national regulatory bodies including FDA, MHRA and NHS – as well as Joint Commission audits.

Non-compliance is not an option, but recording the level of detail needed is time-consuming and a poor use of highly qualified resources.

Tutela’s web-based wireless medical monitoring systems deliver unparalleled  accuracy, regulatory compliance and totally rock-solid audit trails to their global customers who manage hospitals and healthcare facilities or specific departments therein.

Whatever the need, whether monitoring temperature in refrigerated storage, or environmental conditions in stability chambers and incubators, Tutela have the answer to deliver total peace of mind…

And using web-based technology, data and records are securely accessible 24/7 anywhere in the world on any device able to support a web-browser.  

Tutela is also the only operator offering approved N3 cloud integration, so our NHS customers enjoy the least disruptive installation process to deliver all these great benefits.

All stored Tutela records are fully compliant with FDA 21CFR part 11.

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