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Tutela Study Day Nov 2010

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Tutela Educational Study Day

Chairman :

Hazel Forde – The Anthony Nolan Trust: Histocompatability Laboratory Manager

As the Research Laboratory Manager at The Anthony Nolan Histocompatability Laboratories attached to the Royal Free Hospital Hazel’s work covers two areas 1) Immunotherapy using Cord Blood Stem Cells: looking at complications that can occur post-transplant, e.g. infections. For a patient with an already weak immune system, these can sometimes be fatal. Main problems being post-transplant viral infections and Graft versus Host Disease (GvHD), where the donor’s immune cells attack the patient’s organs. The projects look at ways to reduce the chances of this happening. 2) Immunogenetics: This helps decisions to be made on how to find the best donor for a patient. Studies look at the relationship between the genetics of our immune system and clinical effects. Her other job title is: Anthony Nolan Health & Safety Manager (Grad IOSH) – With over 200 staff at Anthony Nolan made up of office staff, scientists, students in both admin & science, volunteers, home based staff & a regional office in Scotland, Hazel finds this role a diverse and challenging post.

Inspections an inspectors view

Gwen Guthrie – CPA:  Regional Assessments Manager

Gwen started out with the CPA in 1992 as a Peer Assessor for Haematology and since 2006 has been a Regional Assessment Manager.
Previously to working with the CPA Gwen’s background was within NHS working predominantly in Haematology and Immunology. She is a ‘Fellow of the Institute of Biomedical Sciences’ and spends much of her time lecturing at various conference around the country.


Temperature mapping – How to perform and document

Angela Green – Maidstone General Hospital Transfusion Practitioner

Now the Transfusion Practitioner at Maidstone General Hospital Angela has been in her current role for 6 years. Angela started out in 1990 as a trainee Biomedical Scientist in Maidstone before moving to The William Harvey in Kent and then to Taunton in the West Country. After witnessing first hand what can go wrong in blood transfusion Angela took an opportunity to move back to Maidstone to become the Trust Transfusion Practitioner that she is now. Her role includes Temperature Monitoring and Cold Chain Management as well as her normal biomedical science duties.


Validation & Documentation Monitoring Methods & Troubleshooting

Wayne Goddard – Laboratory Manager Quality Control West Midlands

Quality Control West Midlands – Laboratory Manager. Previously Laboratory Manager Quality Control West Midlands – Laboratory Manager. Regional Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance service for the West Midlands Strategic Health Authority. QCWM provided QA advice to 44 NHS Trusts across six counties. Wayne worked for the service from 1992 to 2010 and was Lab Manager from 2005. Serving as an expert with the British Pharmacopoeia Commission (Unlicensed Medicines), Wayne also represents QA issues on local, regional and national pharmaceutical procurement levels/groups and has also served on the National NHS Pharmaceutical QA Committee, the MHRA Liaison Group and is a visiting lecturer to the University of Leeds.



Disaster Recovery

Patrick Jackson – Director Vindon Healthcare PLC


Presenter contact details

Sally Towle (Tutela) – stowle@nextcontrolsgroup.com

Michael Edwards (Tutela) – medwards@nextcontrolsgroup.com

Hazel Forde (THT) – hforde@medsch.ucl.ac.uk

Gwen Guthrie (CPA) – gwen.guthrie@cpa-uk.co.uk

Angela Green (MGH) – a.green@nhs.net

Wayne Goddard (QCWM) – wgoddard@btinternet.com

Patrick Jackson (VHP) – patrick@vindon.co.uk

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